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CGA Glass is a glazing company that operates in Sydney and is locally owned. We guarantee fast response to all kinds of glass emergencies including window glass replacement & repair in Sydney on a 24/7 basis.

replacing new glass windows in Sydney Apartment

We actually respond to emergencies in Sydney within 2 hours. We guarantee our customer satisfaction and peace, and that’s what you deserve when you have any glass emergency.

We offer same day services to your commercial or residential property upon contacting us.

CGA Glass works hard to offer professional glazing services. Our team of Sydney glaziers is highly experienced and friendly. They’re fully qualified to offer outstanding services.

We can assist our customers with all kinds of glass maintenance and glazing for your office or home, including repair and maintenance of shower screens, glass doors, windows, mirrors, table tops, and more. We also deal with aluminium shop fronts, including aluminium construction and fabrication.


Fix Broken Glass – Your Safety is Our Priority

It’s extremely dangerous to have broken glass around your compound. Broken or shattered glass is a major safety and health issue for your staff, family, and the general public.

Upon any glass breakage, we will come and secure the area to protect anyone from getting injured. We fix broken glass with ease and respond promptly as soon as you contact us.


Glazier Available 24/7 For Repairing Glass Windows & Doors

We’re a glazing company that hardly sleeps. We’re always ready to assist in emergency situations on a 24/7 basis for the safety of the entire Sydney community. Our fast response time, regardless of the time of the day or night, will ensure that you remain protected and safe at all times.

Our company started as a glass supplier and installer, and we continue growing every day. Our team of glaziers is always ready to assist you with all glass door replacements, window repairs, general glass maintenance, repairs, and even upgrades for all commercial and residential buildings.


Glazing For Commercial & Residential Buildings

We treat all jobs equally. No job is either too small or too big for us. We’re family owned and we treat our staff and clients with utmost respect and fairness.

Our commercial and domestic clients include shop fitters, property managers, security firms, homeowners, government bodies, supply companies, and more.


Reliable and Dependable Glaziers

We only hire professionally trained glaziers and only the most experienced team will be sent out to your site whenever there is an emergency.

Moreover, our glass experts are fully licensed and highly skilled to do any glazing work with the best results.

We believe and trust in our glaziers. Thus, we guarantee high-quality workmanship. We do the work to detail and clean-up the site upon completion.


Why Choose CGA Glass

Discover Why We Lead

Simply contact us and talk to a CGA Glass representative about your problem. A glazier will visit the affected site for inspection and offer professional advice on what to do and give you a free quote. Call us and discover why we have earned a reputation for being the leading commercial and domestic glaziers.

We Guarantee Quality

We only install high-quality glass at competitive prices. We’re always committed to delivering effective solutions. We listen to our customers and learn more from them. Moreover, we only recommend options that will match your budget and needs for glass door replacement, window repairs, general repairs, and even upgrades.

Safety at Your Workplace and Home

To avoid any injuries, the priority for glass replacement should be your workplace and home. It can be quite confusing to choose the best choice for repair or replacement due to the wide selection of glass options available in the market. Our Sydney glass experts will assist you in making the best choice.

You are really living under a rock if you haven’t called up a glazier once in your lifetime. For most people glaziers come to the rescue when they have had an unfortunate incident in their houses; like an uninformed break-in, an accident or a wrong throw.

Theoretically speaking, a glazier is a person who runs a business of fitting the windows and the doors for commercial and non-commercial buildings.

Services like installation of new glasses, repair, and renewal of the old ones and fixation of damaged ones come in handy to the glaziers. They provide these services for both domesticated and commercial complexes.

Specialized glaziers provide the different sectors that require amendments in the glasses, installation of brand new glasses or glazing services. Even the automobile industry makes uses of the services offered by glaziers.


Most of us think that glaziers only job is to glaze the windows in our home but it is more than that. A glazier actually fixes, installs and repairs the following things: –

  1. Windows
  2. Glassed doors
  3. Fabrication of commercial windows
  4. Customized mirrors, tables, and desks
  5. Partitions for office
  6. Fencing for swimming pools
  7. Signages and boards
  8. Shelves
  9. Doors for your pets
  10. Cabinets made from glass

These are a few of the services offered by our specialized glaziers.


There is a method to the madness that is followed by the glazier. Once a window is broken and you call a glazier to fix it. A glazier collects all the broken pieces of the shattered glass carefully. He examines the glass and figures out the best fit in terms of texture, feel and look of the glass. He custom cuts it for the customers and fixes it with his tools.

If the glass required by the customer is a unique one then the glazier has to order it from outside to fix the windows or the doors.


Glazier comes to rescue in times when the glasses of our windows, doors, signages, mirrors, shelves, etc break due to an unfortunate accident.

A secure glass leads to a secure home. That way we can call the glaziers our glass guardians also.