Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cleaning Glass

All that glass requires is some extra care and maintenance. Even glass products that are costly and of the highest quality require special care. It’s not quite difficult to clean glass.

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However, most people often make mistakes they aren’t aware of when cleaning glass. There some guidelines that should be followed to avoid making mistakes.

Here are some common mistakes that many people make when cleaning glass.

By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll prolong the lifespan of your patio glass, window glass, shower area glass, mirrors, decorative or painted glass, shelve glass, storefront glass, glass table tops, and other glass products.

Avoid cleaning a glass surface while dry

Never wipe a glass surface using a dry cloth. Dust particles that might be on the clothing may scratch and damage the glass surface. Only use a damp and soft cloth or duster to clean a glass surface.

Never use soap when cleaning glass

Always avoid cleaning glass using soaps or detergents. Soaps may damage the coating that comes with glass surfaces.

Although you may have a good detergent, avoid using it to clean glass. Only use special glass cleaners to keep your glass damage free.

Clean all glass surfaces gently

Cleaning glass requires gentleness. Your glass window or door will attract dust over time, especially when vacuuming or cleaning the carpet. Always wipe the glass gently when cleaning it.

Avoid using tissues, dry clothes, and paper towels

Although tissues, dry clothes, and paper towels tend to be soft, they usually have a relatively crude surface.

Their surface attracts dust and can even scratch your storefront or residential glass. Only use a microfiber cloth to prolong the life of glass windows and other glass surfaces.

You can easily keep your glass damage-free and clean by keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind.

If you find it challenging to clean glass, simply contact CGA Glass for professional inspection and cleaning. Our team of glass cleaners will guide you through the best way of cleaning glass and do any necessary repairs.