Simple Tips for Fixing Broken Glass Windows

You don’t have to replace your entire window yet you can just replace the broken glass. We’re the only Sydney glass company that makes its own window replacement parts.

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Thus, we can fix broken windows faster than other glass repairers. Moreover, CGA Glass covers all types of glass services. We also service glass table tops and other glass surfaces. Our service is quick and friendly.

Benefits of Replacing Glass

Simple fix– In most cases, having a broken window does not mean the entire unit is damaged. In most cases, only the glass pane is broken.

Broken glass can be fixed easily without removing or replacing an entire window. Broken glass is a small problem that requires a simple fix.

Lower Cost– Glass replacement demands fewer parts and minimal labor. Thus, you can have the glass replaced at an affordable cost, thereby saving you money and time.

Faster Repair– We’re the only window company in Sydney that has a glass oven. This translates to faster repair. You’ll not have to wait longer for other parts since only glass is required for the repair.

Types and Styles of Glass Available for Replacement and Repair

  • Double-paned/ Insulated Glass

CGA Glass can replace or repair all types of double-paned or insulated glass windows. We fabricate insulated glass, making it possible to serve you faster and deliver high-quality glass.

We have a glass washer and roller press that assists us in offering fast turnaround service and high-quality work. At times, we complete the work the same day you hire us.

  • Single-Paned Glass Windows

Our team of glaziers can replace or repair single-paned glass windows at our service centers in Sydney or on-site.

  • Glass Replacement for Patio Doors

All our Sydney service centers are fully-stocked with different sizes of glass for patio doors. We stock all standard sizes of glass to guarantee fast response. We also stock tempered glass for patio doors.

Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is stronger than regular glass, making it safer for use in patio doors to enhance the safety and security of your home.

CGA Glass also designs and install rollers for patio doors to renovate the older design of patio doors, thereby making them glide like the latest type of patio doors.

Decorative Glass, Shelves, Tabletops, and Patio Tables

Glass is increasingly being used for many applications. As such, we offer full-range glass replacement and repair services, including glass repair services that are hard to find such as:

  • Decorative Cabinet Glass

We deal with all types of decorative glass, including those used in furniture and cabinets. Our decorative glass comes in all major styles including seeded marine, light restoration, and clear antique glass.

We’ll deliver the kind of decorative glass you want to meet as per your design specifications.

  • Glass Shelves

Shelves made of glass add accent to the kitchen, bathroom, and family room. CGA Glass offers customized glass shelves. They are available in different edgework and thicknesses.

Moreover, we stock different hardware options. Thus, you won’t lack an option that will meet your specifications. We do the installation work and we also sell parts for DIY enthusiasts.

  • Glass table tops

Protect your wooden furniture by installing glass table tops with thicknesses of ¼ to ¾ inches. You can also order customized glass tables.

Glass table tops come in different colors including clear glass, gray, and bronze. We also cut glass for table tops to almost all shapes and sizes as per your functional needs and design.

  • Fireplace Glass

Having a glass door at the front of the stove or fireplace makes the heating system more energy efficient. However, you should use a special ceramic type of glass for the best results.

Special glass-ceramic hardly expands and can withstand temperature exceeding 1200⁰F (approximately 649⁰C).

  • Beveled and Custom Polished Edgework

You should consider choosing edgework that meets your functional needs and design.

You can choose from standard options such as high polished edges and beveled edges ranging from ½ to 1.5 inches. Custom edges include triple pencil, barked, and ogee polished.

  • Non-Glare Glass for Picture Frames

You can protect your favorite pictures from harsh environmental elements by installing standard or non-glare glass for picture frames. All our Sydney stores stock this type of glass.

  • Standoffs and Glass Countertops

Glass is an excellent material to add in the kitchen. You can use glass to reduce clutter in the kitchen counter.

Glass will create separate spaces for storing papers, books, keys, and other items. Moreover, glass looks sleek and will not detract your countertop.

  • Painted Glass

Many homeowners are increasingly using painted glass in bathrooms and kitchens. The glass consists of one painted side and an unpainted side.

This type of glass is ideal for use as bathroom backsplashes, in the kitchen, dining areas, wet bars, and any other high-moisture or wet areas.

Moreover, this type of glass is more hygienic and easier to clean while still offering a contemporary look. It also reflects light, making the room look brighter.

The Only Glass Oven in Sydney

We use a power saver and press oven to create insulated glass in Sydney. Insulated windows are windows that come with at least two glass panes.

Insulation is achieved by spacing the multiple glass panes apart, sealing them hermetically, and leaving an air space between the panes.

Most modern buildings are now using insulated glass. These type of windows offer similar benefits like those of single-paned windows, but they come with an extra benefit of being more energy efficient. They lower the overall energy bills, thereby saving you money.

Our insulated glass windows come with a warranty. They are warranted against vision obstruction as a result of dust collection and film formation that may occur on the interior glass surface due to a failed hermetic seal.

Such failure may result from poor workmanship and defective material. CGA Glass only delivers high-quality service, and that’s why our service and products come with a warranty.

Contact us today to have your broken glass windows replaced or fixed when doing a renovation or even a new project. You can also contact us to request for a quote.