What You Need To Know About Glass Tints and Patterns

Everyone wants their property to be evocative and aesthetic, be it an office or home. Thus, the kind construction materials used in any building have to possess evocative and aesthetic characteristics.

glass tinted windows in Sydney

Glass is one of the most visually appealing building material. In case you want to add style to your commercial or residential property, then consider using tinted or patterned glass windows.

Such stylish windows will add functionality and enhance style. Read on to learn more about different glass patterns.

Etched/Frosted Glass Pattern

Etched glass, also known as frosted glass, is made by sandblasting or acid etching a clear glass pane. It creates an effect that’s similar to that of the pinhead, Niagara, and narrow reed patterns.

The effect offers privacy while still allowing light through the pane. It’s easy to find frosted glass from most commercial window dealers.

Pinhead Glass Pattern

Pinhead pattern, also referred to as perforated pattern, is a type of glass pattern that adds privacy while allowing natural light through the pane. It’s very affordable and ideal for windows, showers, and cupboards.

Its affordability and versatility make it a highly popular glass pattern. It usually made by making tiny holes on a glass pane, thereby reducing transparency through diffusion process.


Niagara Glass Pattern

Niagara or rain glass looks like ripple glass patterns. It’s usually made by pressing a glass pane between metal rollers. This type of glass is ideal for office doors and showers.

Narrow Reed Pattern

Narrow reed pattern is ideal for anyone who wants a clear glass pattern that is slightly textured and semi-transparent.

It’s ideal for spaces where light is needed but full visibility is not a necessity. You can use it for spaces such as the pantry, kitchens, boardrooms, living rooms, and offices.

Why should you go for patterned glass?

It’s pretty simple to install patterned glass. After all, each and every type of glass comes with a DIY instruction guide. You can use the guide to install them at your office or home.

However, it’s best leaving glass installation work to the experts. Glass needs to be handled with care and only a professional glass installer has the much-needed expertise to handle glass.

In conclusion, frosted glass windows are ideal for blinds, curtains, and drapes. If you’re constructing a new building, the narrow reed type of glass would be a less-expensive alternative to use.

Nevertheless, only choose the type of glass for your office or home based on your personal preferences. By making the right choice, your property will be admired by your visitors.

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